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Oct 31, 2016
  • Today we are Joined by Jonny Brandon (jonnywatanuki) on Instagram, and Sam D'Antuono(@DannitSam) to discuss Johnny's amazing show, Dustin's quarrel with Keane's tub and Dustin and Jonny's new band, White People Blues. 


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Host: Keane Clark(@boozeforbrains)

Co-Host: Dustin Hagen(@BatmanFacePunch)

Co-Host: Tim Flood(@The_Scrufffff)

Producer: Kelton Clark(@2Drunk4This1)

Oct 17, 2016

In todays episode, Dustin Hagen is a no-show so Keane Clark(@boozeforbrains), Tim Flood(@the_scrufffff) and Kelton Clark(@2drunk4this1) have to pick up the slack. We talk about the two shed shows, and go deep into the past to talk about the great wino of Cleopatra.


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Oct 10, 2016

Sam D'Antuono(@dannitsam), Brian Earl(@BNicholasEarl), and Ben Robinson(@BeneficialBen) join the four of us on this very fun episode. We get into all kinds of topics and we end on learning about how Vincent Van Gogh was quite a lush among other strange habits.

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Host: Keane Clark(@boozeforbrains) 

Co-Host: Dustin Hagen(@batmanfacepunch)

Co-Host: Tim Flood(@the_scrufffff)

Producer: Kelton Clark(@2drunk4this1)

Oct 3, 2016

This is two shows combined into one. Keane, Dustin, Tim and Kelton sit down and talk about how "off the rails" the party got last night with all sorts of experiences and then at the end we put in our new segment about Edgar Allen Poe, which was recorded the night of the party with Eileen Dobbins, Sam D'Antuono and a abunch of random strangers.